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How much does a Medicare Advantage plan really cost?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid released their reimbursements rates for Medicare Advantage plans by each county in the United States. Commonly known as the capitation rate, the table shows what Medicare pays to a private Medicare Advantage plan each month for each beneficiary enrolled in the health plan. The lowest reimbursement is in San […]


Medicare more expensive than new ACA plans

Individuals who recently acquired Parts A and Part B of Original Medicare may find they have to pay more per month than their existing ACA health plans. Under the ACA rules, once someone accepts Medicare, they must exit any ACA health plan they purchased through the exchange and the tax credits that make it affordable. […]


Medicare Prescription Drug Plan finder function is great

Before you talk to any insurance agent, prescription drug plan call center or sign up for a Part D Prescription (PDP) drug plan from a direct mail advertisement go to Medicare.gov and do a plan comparison. The Medicare prescription drug insurance plans are the most complicated and confusing of all the Medicare decisions a beneficiary must make. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has built one of the best online comparison tools for evaluating PDPs.


Blue Shield exposes Social Security numbers on public web page

Blue Shield of California sent notices to their appointed insurance agents that the agent’s Social Security number had been displayed during the course of member’s online payment. The letter from Blue Shield, dated February 18, notifying agents of the breach to their private personal information does not mention how many agents had their Social Security number’s compromised. While I was not shocked to receive the letter informing me that my personal information was displayed, I was angry that Blue Shield let this happen.


Medicare sanctions CalOptima’s OneCare Special Needs Plan

Orange County Health Authority’s CalOptima OneCare Medicare Advantage plan was served a notice of immediate sanctions by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on January 24, 2014. The immediate sanctions mean that CalOptima can’t market or enroll new members into their OneCare Special Needs Plan until the sanctions are lifted. CMS cited “widespread and systemic failures impacting CalOptima’s enrollees’ ability to access health care services and prescription medications” as a summary for issuing immediate sanctions.


Part D Prescription Deductible Plans verses $0 Deductible

One of the first options a Medicare beneficiary faces when they are reviewing Part D Prescription Drug plans (PDP) is whether they want a plan with a deductible. The deductible amount, set by Medicare, is the dollar amount a plan member must pay before he or she is eligible for the reduced copayment for the drugs. The big decision for the Medicare beneficiary is if they should select a PDP with a lower premium and $310 deductible or pay a higher monthly premium for a no deductible plan.


Blue Shield set to acquire GEMCare of Bakersfield

Blue Shield has introduced a very competitive Medicare Advantage plan in ten select counties through out California. With the acquisition of GEMCare, Blue Shield will be able to more easily offer a version of their Blue Shield 65 Plus HMO plan in the GEMCare service area. While some Medicare Advantage plans seem to be reducing plan benefits and dropping counties, Blue Shield has been selectively increasing their MA-PD footprint in California.


Are doctors to blame for smaller networks?

Consumers are growing frustrated as they find their current doctors aren’t included in new Covered California individual and family plan (IFP) health insurance networks. There is also widespread uncertainty about the rules of in-network providers with the new Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs) and California’s new 19 pricing regions. When California consumers are craving information the doctors have been silent and the insurance companies along with Covered California are providing scant information.


Medicare fines Health Net and other Advantage plans

Health Net and several other administrators of Medicare Advantage plans were issued fines from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for errors in their updates to people enrolled in the MA-PD plans. The penalties, issued in October 2013, were for incorrectly stating plan information in annual notices to Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in the Advantage plans and ranged from $23,410 up to $86,530.


California Medicare Advantage Plan Star Ratings

If a Medicare Advantage plan has been awarded a 5 Star rating from Medicare you’ll see that trumpeted in TV commercials and print advertising. The star rating that either the Medicare Advantage or Part D Prescription Drug plan must display is a composite of 35 different measurements. Perhaps the most important rating for most beneficiaries is the level of customer service if there is a problem.


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