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One woman’s quest for health insurance through Covered California

So I bit the bullet and attended a local community presentation by a volunteer from a Certified Educator for CoveredCA adding to the information I had recently researched online. After the talk, I conferred with the presenter who was a volunteer through Sacramento Mighty Oaks and stated my concerns about my situation. She was wonderful, gladly offering to be in touch with me with answers in the days that followed.


Religious liberty and health insurance; Is there a right?

May I suggest that these businesses provide full maternity coverage, with no deductible or cost sharing, in their health plans and fully paid maternity leaves for mothers.


How the Republican Party lost this old white guy’s vote

Unfortunately for the Republican Party, they have chosen to take positions on many issues that just seem contrarian to the everyday life that I lead.


Women With Good Spirits

I had just participated in what I considered to be the essence of community life and development. It was a fairly unique experience in that is was both relaxing and purposeful.


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