One woman’s quest for health insurance through Covered California

Climbing health insurance hill.

So I bit the bullet and attended a local community presentation by a volunteer from a Certified Educator for CoveredCA adding to the information I had recently researched online. After the talk, I conferred with the presenter who was a volunteer through Sacramento Mighty Oaks and stated my concerns about my situation. She was wonderful, gladly offering to be in touch with me with answers in the days that followed.


Women are too dumb to make life decisions

With Gov. Dalrymple signing one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation, he has effectively declared that women are too dumb to make decisions concerning life and their bodies. Pro-life legislators in North Dakota, Kansas and other states firmly believe that the state must protect a woman from herself. Single moms are moochers […]


Jesus Chant Stops Robbery

Never underestimate a shout out to Jesus. Literally, shouting the name of Jesus can stop an armed robber. At least it can if you are a group of women who believe in the power of Jesus to save and protect. Report courtesy of the SunSentinel Lake City cops said Derick Jeremy Lee, 24, donned a […]