Somewhere over the rainbow crosswalks in Sacramento

Somewhere over the rainbow of Sacramento's crosswalks.

With the City of Sacramento formally approving the installation of rainbow colored crosswalks in midtown Sacramento, proponents of the project hope they’ll now see a rainstorm of money to actually install the fancy crossing stripes. The rainbow crosswalk project at the intersection of 20th and K St. is as much an homage to the LGBTQ […]


Quiet Pride Parade for Sacramento Intactivists

Kevin Knauss and local Sacramentan Alex at the Sacramento Pride Parade staging area.

In a moment of exuberant passion for the cause of educating people about the stupidity of routine infant circumcision, I signed up the nascent Sacramento Intactivist group to march in the Sacramento Pride Parade. I walked in last year’s San Francisco Pride Parade with over 50 committed Intactivists and figured we could muster at least […]


Peripheral canal starts pumping water around the Delta

EBMUD Freeport pumping plant with 100 million gallons per day capacity into peripheral canal.

In its very essence, the Freeport Regional Water Project is a peripheral water conveyance system designed to have Bureau of Reclamation water purchased by EBMUD not pass through the Delta. Even though this water is being used to service East Bay communities, there is no reason that some simple modifications to the EBMUD aqueducts would allow the water to be sent south to Southern California. Perhaps the Metropolitan Water District in Southern California should fund the construction of the necessary modifications to allow the discharge of water from the EBMUD aqueducts in the event of an emergency situation where Sacramento River water can’t be conveyed through the Delta.


Is HackerCare real health insurance?

HackerCare is a membership association, not health health insurance.

HackerCare is not health insurance. HackerCare is a membership based association that offers group insurance through a carrier named Starmark. If you want to purchase the Starmark group health insurance, you have to join HackerCare. No one should ever be forced to join a fee based membership organization in order to purchase health insurance.


Volunteers pound the pavement for Covered California

John will make the West Sacramento Community Center his "home away from home" to talk about Covered California three days a week.

Beyond the well crafted TV commercials and print ads for Covered California are numerous volunteers that are “walking and talking” with total strangers to spread the news about the new Affordable Care Act health plans. People committed and passionate about health care reform from the Sacramento Mighty Oaks ACA Team are spending countless hours answering questions and handing out literature at libraries, community centers, neighborhoods and small businesses.


Sacrament of Gay Marriage comes to Trinity Cathedral

In addition to the two great sacraments descending from the New Testament, Holy Baptism and Holy Eucharist, the other sacraments associated with many Christian churches are confirmation, ordination, holy matrimony, reconciliation of a penitent and unction of the sick. With the exception of reconciliation and unction, all the sacraments can be administered and celebrated during a normal worship service.


Sacramento Outpatient Surgery Cost Comparisons

Back Surgery - Outpatient Laminectomy comparisons.

In an effort to shed a little light on the range of outpatient surgery costs a health care consumer might have for a particular procedure, Anthem Blue Cross in association with WebMD created a cost comparison website. As a patient, you have more incentive to carefully consider the lower priced options if you have a high deductible plan.


Comparing Delta Tunnels to Deep Water Shipping Channel

Gates open at the Delta Cross Canal.

The Sacramento Deep Water Shipping Channel is similar in dimensions to the Delta Cross Canal. Its overall length makes it comparable to a Peripheral Canal and the construction on par with the the tunnels. The Port of Sacramento, with the necessary deep water shipping channel, turned out to be a colossal waste of tax payer money. Instead of acquiring more private land for the tunnel project, the state should figure out some way to use the deep water shipping channel easements and land.


Sacramento Pride Parade features Religious Pride

Rainbow paper skirt of a little puppy dog.

Sacramento’s Pride Festival for 2013 was kicked off by a colorful parade down N Street. In addition to the local contingent of LGBTQI support and commercial services participating in the parade, Sacramento’s religious organizations were well represented. If it hadn’t been for the prominent display of rainbow balloons and flags surrounding the various churches and temples in the parade, I would have thought I was in the Bible Belt.